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About Us



Sacred Heart Boys Rongai Nakuru is a double stream boarding school, located within Rongai Township, 30 kilometers from Nakuru town. It is a private school owned by the Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ. It is situated in the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.


The school occupies the premises which used to be occupied by the Philosophicum and the aspirant community. After classes of philosophy were transferred to Nairobi, the congregation decided to make good use of the facility for the benefit of the young boys who need quality education and spiritual and physical formation. The secondary school focuses more attention to the needs of the destitute children who are unable to pursue secondary education due to lack of fund as a result of socio-economic problem.


The Educational Situation and Catchment Area


Rongai Division in which Sacred Heart Boys School belong has 30 public primary schools, i.e. Atembwo, Belbur, Boror, Burgei, Boito, Gaakwen, Kirobon, Gicheha, Kanga, Kandutura, Kerma, Kimangu, Ngata, Leldet, Gogar, Lelechwet, Ngesumin, Natu, Ngano, Ngecha, Muricho, Mimwaitai, Ogilgei, Piave, Rongai, Thirandu, Tuiyotich, Venneza Grant, Kware Kapwken and Matuiku.


These schools have an enrolement of 12,230 students in which 6208 are boys and 6022 are girls. There is a total of 1200 students in standard eight i.e. 597 are boys and 603 are girls. In addition to the existing public schools, there are four private primary schools i.e. St. Ann, Our Lady of Victory Rongai and Mount Sinai primary school. With that huge number of primary schools, the zone has only five public secondary schools i.e. Mama Ngina, Bomasan, Mawe, Matuiku and Boror Secondary School. There are only six private secondary schools i.e Esperanza Rongai Boys, St. Maria Goretti, Sacred Heart Boys, Rongai Girls and Kimangu Secondary School.


Of all these secondary schools, it was only Rongai Boys (Before the starting of Sacred Heart Boys Secondary School) which offered a full programme of wholistic formation of the boy child. Apart from excellence in academic achievement, Rongai Boys offers practical skills in agriculture and social values. This has made many parents to scramble for the limited places in Rongai Boys Secondary School. Due to this public demand, the congregation of Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ decided to start an ideal school which can provide the kind of formation that Rongai Boys offers to the young people. But Sacred Heart Boys went further by stressing more on discipline and spiritual formation apart from academic and agricultural technical training.


Brief History


Due to high demand for quality education, technical training in agriculture, discipline, physical and spiritual formation of the youth. The congregation of Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ decided through the advice, suggestion of Rev. Fr. Michael Murage; Superior General and his Council to start a secondary school which can offer the above mentioned values. Towards the end of 2005, the General Administration appointed Father Johannes Haga as Manager and Administrator of the new project (school).


On 13th February the school received its first students. Currently the school has a population of 350 students (Form I to IV double stream).


The school started without any reasonable fund but depended on fees paid by the students. Despite this, the school started a programme of helping the destitute children by allowing some students to study free depending on the fees paid by able students. This programme caused a lot of difficulties because of lack of support or donation from well wishers but the administration is determined to continue the programme so that the poor hopeless boys may have some hope in life. According to the constitution of the Contemplative Evangelizers of the Heart of Christ article 175 which says: It is an essential element of our specific apostolate of promotion and formation of all kinds of vocation:

  1.  Vocation to a holy married life.
  2.  Vocation to fulfill some special duties in the society.
  3.  Vocation to the 3rd order.
  4.  Vocation to the societies of Apostolic life.
  5.  Vocation to “secular institutes”.
  6.  Vocation to consecrated life; priestly religious, missionary contemplative life.


Apart from fulfilling some of the requirement of this article, Sacred Heart Boys Secondary is fulfilling some special duties in society. The school admits both catholic and protestant students without segregation. Apart from Rongai zone, the school admits students from all over Kenya. During formation a boy maintains his identity but is made a better person for example. A protestant boy is made a better protestant and a catholic a better catholic etc.


Main Purpose of the Project


To lay foundation for good education, moral values, technical physical training in agriculture and other social responsibilities which will enable the child to be self dependent or self employed in future, and spiritual formation which will lead to a better responsible society of the future.




The direct beneficiaries of the project will be children from destitute families, orphans, neglected children and children from well to do families who need moral, mental, psychological and spiritual formation.




Here the curriculum serves as an instrument of change. Thus the curriculum serves as a tool for directing various forces of change to desired goals. It is designed to make individual child a creative person so that he can in turn, help in the renewal of his society in the light of new social and economic demands. The curriculum is designed to develop individual student potential abilities to their maximum. Apart from academics, students are trained to be responsible leaders, different farming  methods, manual work i.e. Involved in fruit gardening, vegetable farming, maize growing, animal keeping, poultry, shoe making, shaving, tailoring, medical practice, liturgical celebrations, sporting activities etc.


Future and Immediate Plan


To enable us to meet the challenges ahead of us, the present provisions are not adequate, there is need for improvement in the following areas:-

  • Construction of more classrooms (8 classrooms)
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Stores and kitchen
  • Dinning hall
  • Purchase of desks and furniture
  • Lab equipment
  • Library and books
  • School vehicle
  • Agricultural project
  • Fees for the needy children
  • Teachers houses
  • Sporting facilities e.g. Sports field
  • Renovation of the main chapel